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Hog, boar and feral pig hunting weapons and tactics

Proven guns and other weapons used for feral pig, boar, deer and other game hunting.

Over the years, we have hunted hogs with just about everything imaginable.

The high powered rifle is the most common weapon used by hunters for Feral Pigs, or Hogs. A hog is easy to dispatch providing your shot placement is perfect. Since shot placement is not always perfect, most hunters choose a large caliber rifle. The truth is you can harvest a hog with a .22-250 to the powerful elephant gun, such as a 500 nitro gun.

Hand Guns are a popular weapon for hog hunting as well. The draw back will be the close proximity you must be to a very vicious animal, that may decide to hunt YOU back! If hunting with a handgun we would suggest using a magnum caliber and not one less than .357.

Archery is another method for harvesting your hog. This is sure to give you great personal reward. This will involve hunting from a stand or a blind. We recommend 50 to 70 pounds and a broadhead that is cut on impact and razor SHARP!

Spears and Knives are most commonly used by dog hunters and our most preferred weapon of choice here at team XXXtreme.

Scopes for use in Hog Hunting
You can use a variety of scopes while hog hunting. Your common deer rifle scope will work fine. For the more technically advanced shooter you may choose to use a Night Vision Scope or perhaps even a FLIR (Forward Looking Infared) Scope.

Lights for use in Hog Hunting
Lights may be used in some states for hunting hogs. We typically use special red LED hog lights for stand hunting, but a Q-Beam spotlight may be used to shine fields. Often in fields, flats and other open areas, Feral Pigs will come in to feed yet you may not be able to discern the best target. In Texas and other states that permit light use, a partner can assist by using a spotlight during low light conditions to light up your target. Of course light kits, night vision or laser sights may be used as well. While the pigs may not immediatly scatter, you'd better make your choice quickly and take your shots, before they bolt for cover. Shining a white light on a hog will typically cause it to RUN.

Use of Baits and Scents for Hog Hunting
Corn, corn mash, and scents are all a part of the strategy that we will help you with to make sure your hunt is a success! Bait is very successfully used when kept in supply at all times at the stands and feeders. Hogs are creatures of habit and will return night after night for a free meal. Corn is the most common bait, however there are secret recipes used by various hog hunters that they keep under lock and key. Count on our expertise to help you get the opportunity for the prize hog you seek.

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