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Welcome to the XXXtreme Hog Doggin website

The premier website for information on hunting for boars, hogs, and feral pigs with dogs

We also offer guide services for feral pigs, boars, deer, and other game planned to fit your specific needs and requirements.

We offer all aspects of Hog Hunting with Dog Hunting being our specialty. We provide guided Spring Turkey hunts, Whitetail Deer hunts, and Bobcat/Coyote hunting in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. We will customize your hunt to fit your specific needs.

We welcome you to the first release of our website. In coming months we will be adding loads of information, photos, videos, contests and more. We hope to hear from you as to what you want to see in a site with hog hunting being the primary focus.

We will be introducing you to our XXXTreme Pro Team as well. We have partners throughout the southern US who work with us to bring the best of the best in guide services for many other game animals and fishing. These pros will have a profile here on the web with us. By checking out the photos stories and client testimonials, you'll come to realize that we aren't just blowing smoke.

We also look forward to introducing our own unique brand of clothing exclusively for XXXTreme Hog Doggin' fans. Come back often as we will be adding to the site on a regular basis.

We will be creating a forum for visitors to come and ask and answer questions and introduce our sport to a wider base. We believe the Feral Pig poulation is growing out of control. We believe there are thousands of hunters across America that would be thrilled to partake in the growing sport of hog hunting, creating a great opportunity to be responsible for help keeping the Feral Hog population in check.

Do you like what you see here? Do you have some ideas as to how this website can be better, let us know.

Be sure and visit us on Facebook.


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